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Vision Statement


We believe, with the young generation aspiring to study abroad, the contribution that graduates can bring to Nepal is a necessity and the dream of every Nation.Synaptein International believes in the concept of quality and not quantity. We want to give students the opportunity to explore themselves. We believe that not just education alone but international exposure and all round development is necessary for all our students. We want to contribute to producing graduates that are flexible, sensible and practical.

Synaptein International wants to contribute to the society and to the world by educating and supporting the next generation of students- a new era but most of all graduates whose footsteps will be felt in society.

Our vision is to produce conscientious, educated individuals who feel a responsibility in fulfilling their life’s goals and contributing to the society which they are a part of. We want to build a drive within them so that they have an identity of their own and together, with the confidence they build by studying abroad, they make a mark on the world in the most positive way.As a quality service-oriented team involved in this field, we are quite aware that the kind of services, we render, determine our existence. We believe in the principle- fair and efficient and that quality and not quantity must be the major focus of every institution.

Student feedback

"I completed my MA Human Resource Management from the University of Wolverhampton.I was very fortunate to have experienced British Culture and life while acquiring an Internationally recognised Degree and studying in a multi-cultural environment"

- Medha Singh Bhandari