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The TOEFL Test ®

Test of English as a Foreign Language measures English Language proficiency in reading, listening, writing and speaking. It is a mandatory test accepted by more than 6,000 colleges/ universities in 110 countries. It emphasizes integrated skills and helps confirm you are ready to communicate your ideas about what you will read and listen in your academic course. The higher the iBT(Internet Based TOEFL)TOEFL score, the better are one’s chances with most universities. The validity of this test is up to 2 years.

iBT TOEFL- Test – General Information

The Internet-Based TOEFL tests all four language skills including speaking. It has four sections, all of which are mandatory: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing.


Measures the ability of the test takers to understand spoken English


Measures the ability of the test takers to understand passages that are similar to the

formats used in the academic text books


Measures the proficiency of the test takers with speaking in English


Measures the test takers’ ability to write on a given topic

Structure of the TOEFL Test



Approximate Time


6 passages and 34 questions

50 minutes


3 passages and 39 questions

60 minutes


6 tasks and 6 questions

20 minutes


2 tasks and 2 questions

55 minutes

Scoring Methodology

iBT -TOEFL score is measured on a scale of 0 – 120 scores. Each section receives a score on a band of 0 – 30 scores.Speaking and writing section are initially given a score of 0 to 4 and 0 to 5 respectively and later converted to a score of 0 – 30.


  • Be familiar with native accent through appropriate listening materials.
  • Improve sentence structure and establish clear linkage for your writing task.
  • Increase vocabulary extensively.
  • Effectively enhance the understanding of the text Participation in class discussions
  • Classes

Two hours daily, Sunday- Friday. Duration of the course is 4 weeks. Classes are rolling so a student can join anytime. Please enquire for details.

Class Size

Average 15 (maximum 20).


Highly qualified and experienced Foreign Instructors


Rs 6500 / 1000 per additional week

Award Type


Student feedback

"I completed my MA Human Resource Management from the University of Wolverhampton.I was very fortunate to have experienced British Culture and life while acquiring an Internationally recognised Degree and studying in a multi-cultural environment"

- Medha Singh Bhandari