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The GRE ® Test

The GRE general measures the analytical writing, verbal and quantitative skills of the student. This section measures the ability of the student to think critically and write analytically. This section has two parts: Issue Task and Argument Task.

In Issue Task the test taker will be able to choose between two topics upon which to write an essay.

In Argument Task the test taker will be given an argument and will be asked to write an essay that explains why one side of an argument is superior.

The Verbal Section measures the test takers’ ability to analyze the written material provided and evaluate it and synthesize information obtained from it. This section contains four question types: Antonyms, Analogies, Sentence Completion and Reading ComprehensionQuantitative Reasoning.

The Quantitative Section measures the student’s basic mathematical skills. It consists of problem solving and quantitative comparison questions that test high school level mathematics. This section contains three question types: Quantitative Comparison, Discrete Quantitative and Data Interpretation.





Analytical Writing

2 Tasks

75 Minutes

Verbal Section


30 Minutes

Quantitative Reasoning


45 Minutes

Experimental Section



Experimental Section can be either verbal section or quantitative section which is used by ETS for future use.

Student feedback

"I completed my MA Human Resource Management from the University of Wolverhampton.I was very fortunate to have experienced British Culture and life while acquiring an Internationally recognised Degree and studying in a multi-cultural environment"

- Medha Singh Bhandari